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Sectional Scaffold

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Sectional Scaffold

Frames, walkboards, leveling jacks, cross braces, rolling towers, access systems, stair towers and more. All your scaffolding needs from one place. Bil-Jax®, the original yellow scaffold manufacturer.

  • X-PANDED Steel Walkboard

    Galvanized steel walkboard is durable and corrosion-resistant. Expanded metal surface provides extra room.
  • “L” Ladder Scaffolding Frame

    "L" ladder frames consist of steel beams conjoined into a single unit as a ladder-like structure for climbing up scaffolding. Can be ordered with inserts attached.
  • TUF-N-LITE Walkboard

    The most widely used industrial grade scaffold plank in the industry. Includes aluminum frame, plywood deck, heavy duty side rail extrusions.
  • X-TRU-LITE Walkboard

    Lightweight, stable, secure extruded all-aluminum decking with an interlocking 3-hook design & a non-slip grip for safety.
  • Steel Walkboard

    Steel walkboards offer strength & durability for heavy loads. Available in 7', 8', & 10' lengths.
  • Step Frames

    Step frames with ladder-type rungs & an open space let you climb up scaffolding or create an adjustable makeshift workbench.
  • Open End Frames

    Open end frames are conjoined into a single unit with a walk-through opening for easy access across the entire length of scaffolding.
  • Double Step Frames

    Double step frames consist of steel beams conjoined into a single unit with a ladder-like structure on both sides. Allows workers to climb up scaffolding.
  • “R” Ladder Frame

    "R" ladder center access frames are built with rungs spaced 12" apart instead of 15" for easier climbing up the scaffold.
  • Pedestal Scaffold Frame

    Pedestal scaffold frame features a higher level for use as a material shelf & a lower level for a walkboard. Ideal for single-story brickwork.
  • Open Ladder Frames

    Open ladder frames feature a ladder-like structure on one side & a walk-through opening on the other. Climb up or walk the length of scaffolding.
  • Knock-Down Frame

    Modular scaffolding knock-down frame features a slim design that fits through spaces as small as 13" wide for access to restricted openings.