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“L” Ladder Scaffolding Frame

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“L” Ladder Scaffolding Frame  

  • Narrow frames traditionally called 28″ wide can vary from 25 11⁄16″ – 31 11⁄16″
  • Exact overall measurements are needed when ordering 28″ wide frames
  • Shown with J-Lock
  • Can be ordered with inserts attached


“L” Ladder Scaffolding Frame for traditional 28”

Scaffolding frames are the main components of scaffolding; these interlocking structures create a safe, elevated work platform. Bil-Jax scaffold frames conform to the most rigid tolerance tests in the industry, making our frames the most widely used and recognized on the market today. 

Our “L” ladder scaffold frames are named for their shape. They consist of several beams of steel conjoined into a single unit as a ladder-like structure, allowing workers to climb up the side of the scaffolding and access platforms at height. They feature a narrow frame design for efficient use of space and can be ordered in various widths between 25 11/16” – 31 11/16” and heights from 3’ to 6’ to accommodate different project requirements. “L” ladder scaffold frames are ideally suited for applications including construction, building maintenance and repair, and painting projects.

Bil-Jax “L” ladder scaffold frames are made in the USA with high-quality components like ID coated tubing to protect against rust and wear for extended life, and a powder coat finish that offers superior resistance to chipping and scratches and exceeds OSHA regulations for safety and strength.

Our “L” ladder scaffold frames are manufactured to conform to the most rigid tolerances in the industry. Their rugged construction ensures stability and support for workers. They can be used with our J-Lock system for additional security when connecting frames.

Additional information

Part Number
*004-1423^ 28" W x 3' H* 16
*004-1424^ 28" W x 4' H* 21
*004-1425^ 28" W x 5' H* 26
*004-1426^ 28" W x 6' H* 31
*004-1433^ 3' W x 3' H 18.5
*004-1434^ 3' W x 4' H 24
*004-1435^ 3' W x 5' H 29.5
*004-1436^ 3' W x 6' H 36
*004-1443^ 4' W x 3' H 22.5
*004-1444^ 4' W x 4' H 29
*004-1445^ 4' W x 5' H 36
*004-1446^ 4' W x 6' H 43

*Select tube size
^Select lock type
*Exact overall measurements needed when ordering 28" wide frames