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Scaffold frames offer many benefits, making them a popular scaffolding choice for contractors and construction workers. Easy to assemble, economical, versatile, and safe, scaffold frames are often used in one or two tiers, but the vertical frames can be stacked several stories high for larger projects. Due to their durable design, scaffold frames provide great support for workers, helping prevent accidents and injuries.

Choose from a wide variety of Bil-Jax scaffold frames designed to meet the needs of diverse projects.

  • Step Frames

    Step frames with ladder-type rungs & an open space let you climb up scaffolding or create an adjustable makeshift workbench.
  • Open End Frames

    Open end frames are conjoined into a single unit with a walk-through opening for easy access across the entire length of scaffolding.
  • Double Step Frames

    Double step frames consist of steel beams conjoined into a single unit with a ladder-like structure on both sides. Allows workers to climb up scaffolding.
  • Open Ladder Frames

    Open ladder frames feature a ladder-like structure on one side & a walk-through opening on the other. Climb up or walk the length of scaffolding.
  • “L” Ladder Frame

    "L" ladder frames consist of steel beams conjoined into a single unit as a ladder-like structure for climbing up scaffolding. Can be ordered with inserts attached.
  • “R” Ladder Frame

    "R" ladder center access frames are built with rungs spaced 12" apart instead of 15" for easier climbing up the scaffold.
  • Sidewalk Frame

    Sturdy steel sidewalk frame supports plywood & other protective coverings to shield passersby from falling debris.
  • Pedestal Scaffold Frame

    Pedestal scaffold frame features a higher level for use as a material shelf & a lower level for a walkboard. Ideal for single-story brickwork.
  • Knock-Down Frame

    Modular scaffolding knock-down frame features a slim design that fits through spaces as small as 13" wide for access to restricted openings.