Because Real Matters.

At Bil-Jax®, we’ve been keeping it real since 1947. Real quality. Real safety. Real values. And an overwhelmingly real commitment to always do the right thing for anyone who chooses Bil-Jax®. For well over the last 70 years, demanding event companies, scaffold service companies, retailers and rental yards have counted on Bil-Jax® to deliver the world’s most durable and reliable products, and customer-focused industry expertise. When the real work needs to get done, here’s why you should start with Bil-Jax®.

Scaffolding structure

Real Peace of Mind.

No matter what business you’re in, you can’t keep going strong for more than seven decades without delivering real peace of mind, time and time again. At Bil-Jax®, we’ve always seen things from your perspective. We get it. In simplest terms you want products that are safe and are engineered to last. And last. You want products that keep all of our end users safe. You want products that are easily accessible, whenever and wherever you need them. And when you need design, engineering, or a johnny-on-the-spot, we’ve got you covered there too. When you choose Bil-Jax® you are choosing Real Peace of Mind.

Really Built to Last

There are good reasons why Bil-Jax® has earned our reputation as the Gold Standard of the scaffolding industry. It starts with our North American steel sourced almost entirely from our longtime partners in Chicago. In fact, over 94% of our part numbers are made in the USA. We build things right. We weld our steel with a hefty 3/16” bead, and our industry renowned, highly durable powder coating delivers a coating up to 4 mils thick. Now, that’s tough. Every customer order is escorted though our 320,000 sq. ft facility with a job traveler that records all the manufacturing details and quality inspection check points. Not only is Bil-Jax® ISO 9001 certified, all our core suppliers are ISO compliant and are required to meet or exceed strict ASTM standards. It’s our relentless attention to quality that sets us apart.

Two men welding frame

Real American Manufacturing

We believe the American dream still thrives in healthy competition, consistent innovation and the strong communities and jobs that are the result of this driving spirit. To other companies who continually try to emulate our ideas or match our standards, we say Good Luck! You will find Bil-Jax® on job sites, in facilities, and at rental and reseller locations whenever and wherever real American quality matters. When you choose Bil-Jax® you are choosing Real American Manufacturing, creating Real American Jobs and helping to build Real American Communities. We’re in this together.

Really Great Experiences

From the beginning to end, we believe great experiences matter. Our inside sales team has over 60 years of Bil-Jax® product knowledge and field support experience. You can count on us to help you figure out exactly what you need to get challenging jobs done, and to help you troubleshoot on the job site. Our 10 manufacturer rep groups are also out in the field creating and delivering great experiences, and representing our product lines across the USA. And with warehouses in Washington, California, Illinois, and Missouri, we are dedicated to reducing shipping costs and times, saving you more money, where quality matters. Real work starts with us.™