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Sectional Scaffold

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Sectional Scaffold

Frames, walkboards, leveling jacks, cross braces, rolling towers, access systems, stair towers and more. All your scaffolding needs from one place. Bil-Jax®, the original yellow scaffold manufacturer.

  • Diagonal Cross Braces

    Diagonal cross braces offer rigid connections for scaffold frames. Manufactured from high quality steel for durability.
  • EZ RAX Scaffold Storage System

    The EZ-RAX Scaffold Storage System maintains all of your scaffolding equipment in within this modular design. Expandable and easy to assemble, it's the solution for hassle-free scaffold management
  • EZ-RAX

    Scaffold transport system includes trailer, rolling tower scaffold, & storage rack with tool box/straps. Easy setup and teardown.
  • Inspection Tags

    Worker safety scaffold inspection tags with Danger and Completed inserts, English
  • Rolling Tower Package

    Rolling Tower Package features a sturdy rolling tower with large work platform, adjustable levels & easy access guard rail system for safety.
  • TUF-N-LITE Walkboard

    The most widely used industrial grade scaffold plank in the industry. Includes aluminum frame, plywood deck, heavy duty side rail extrusions.
  • Side Brackets

    Side brackets extend scaffolding platform closer to building or wall for extra work space.
  • Guard Rail Posts

    Guard rail posts secure conventional guard rail systems to ensure safety & comply with local, state & federal regulations.
  • Heavy Duty Stair Tower

    Heavy duty stair tower package provides 100' access & includes all components for complete scaffold assembly.
  • Insert Pins

    Size coded insert pins are available in three collar diameters or without a collar.
  • Leveling Jacks

    Adjustable leveling jacks can be set to custom heights & provide a solid foundation for the scaffolding frame.
  • Replacement Decals

    Replacement decals for scaffolding components ensure safety compliance.
  • Step Frames

    Step frames with ladder-type rungs & an open space let you climb up scaffolding or create an adjustable makeshift workbench.
  • Inline Side Brackets

    Inline side brackets add adjustable work space & provide scaffolding access next to a building or wall. Easy to set up and take down.
  • Casters

    Cast iron or plastic for non-marring, each caster features a 4” stem, 500 lb. load capacity, and 360° swivel.
  • Access Ladder System

    Lightweight steel access ladder system provides access to platforms inside multi-level scaffolding units.
  • Base Plates/Rubber Pad

    Base plates serve as scaffolding unit feet, preventing slipping & sinking. Includes rubber pad to prevent marring.
  • End Brackets

    End brackets attach to the end of scaffolding so platforms can be run parallel to frames, adding additional work space & adjustable height.
  • Insert Attachments

    Factory installed insert attachments for scaffold frames. Rivet & cotter, spring rivet, drive pin.
  • Open End Frames

    Open end frames are conjoined into a single unit with a walk-through opening for easy access across the entire length of scaffolding.
  • Safety Documents

    Scaffolding safety documents include safety tips, OSHA regulations, safety video, decals, cards & more.
  • Scaffold Guard Rails

    Galvanized tubing guard rails attach to scaffolding to ensure worker safety. Compatible with B, F, or U lock guard rail posts.
  • X-TRU-LITE Walkboard

    Lightweight, stable, secure extruded all-aluminum decking with an interlocking 3-hook design & a non-slip grip for safety.
  • Arm Braces

    Arm braces provide scaffolding access from the braced side. Available in hole end, notch end & trussed styles.
  • Climbing Ladder

    Climbing ladders attach to the outside of scaffolding frames & offer 12" step spacing for easy access.
  • Double Step Frames

    Double step frames consist of steel beams conjoined into a single unit with a ladder-like structure on both sides. Allows workers to climb up scaffolding.
  • Fastening Pins

    Fastening pins secure the insert to the scaffolding frame for strength & stability.
  • Intermediate Guard Rails

    Intermediate guard rails attach to open end scaffold frames to ensure worker safety. Side & end panels available.
  • X-PANDED Steel Walkboard

    Galvanized steel walkboard is durable and corrosion-resistant. Expanded metal surface provides extra room.
  • Cat-A-Corner Braces

    Cat-a-corner braces connect diagonally at the scaffold base to provide strength & extra stability.
  • Hoist Arm and Well Wheel

    Swivel head hoist arm & well wheel provides an easy way to lift loads up to 100 lbs. to the top of the scaffolding structure.
  • Open Ladder Frames

    Open ladder frames feature a ladder-like structure on one side & a walk-through opening on the other. Climb up or walk the length of scaffolding.
  • Steel Toeboards

    Toeboards prevent tools & other objects from falling from scaffolding decks & causing injury to people below.
  • Steel Walkboard

    Steel walkboards offer strength & durability for heavy loads. Available in 7', 8', & 10' lengths.
  • TUF-N-LITE Hinged Ladder Board

    Our popular Tuf-N-Lite aluminum & plywood walkboard with a hinged hatch for internal access. Great for working in tight or hard to reach areas.
  • “L” Ladder Scaffolding Frame

    "L" ladder frames consist of steel beams conjoined into a single unit as a ladder-like structure for climbing up scaffolding. Can be ordered with inserts attached.