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Sectional Scaffold

Frames, walkboards, leveling jacks, cross braces, rolling towers, access systems, stair towers and more. All your scaffolding needs from one place. Bil-Jax®, the original yellow scaffold manufacturer.

  • Replacement Parts for Scaffold

    We offer a large selection of replacement parts for scaffold, including clamps, hooks, brace slides, leveling nuts, set screws, brace rivets, U-bolts, and thumb screws.
    Half Outrigger Clamp, Putlog Clamp Hook, Gooser Brace Slide, Leveling Nut, Set Screw, Lever Tail Nut 5" Long , Brace Rivet with 3 Washers, U-bolt only - Putlong Angle Hanger, Thumb Screw
  • Canopy Top – Weather Protection

    Weather is always a factor when working on an outdoor scaffolding system. The Bil-Jax Canopy Top attaches to the top of a scaffold setup to provide protection from the elements. It fits atop any 5’ frame and can be adjusted up to 10’. Brackets to hold 2x4 wood are welded to the outside leg; sturdy PVC Weather Protection Clips can be used for additional protection.
    The Canopy Top is used along the top of a scaffold set-up to hold weather protection material in place. It fits on top of any 5' frame. Brackets to hold 2 x 4 wood have been welded to the outside leg. Weather Protection Clips can also be used. Clips are made of sturdy PVC plastic and snap firmly into place to hold plastic weather material to scaffold.
  • Knock-Down Frame

    When you need a modular solution for a complicated project, our scaffolding knock-down frame fits the bill. Their slim design can fit through spaces as small as 13” wide, giving you an easy way to get scaffolding into restricted openings that would otherwise prove challenging.
    • Knock-down frames fit through a 13″ diameter opening.
    • Available with: J-Lock, C-Lock, and T-Lock
    • Frame Sides and Extenders sold separately.
  • Brackets & Clamps

    We carry a wide range of brackets and clamps for different types of scaffolding, including clamps and brackets for notched and hole braces, parallel tube clamps, and B-lock clamps.
    Various clamps to be used for scaffolding
  • Pedestal Scaffold Frame

    If your job involves single-story brickwork, traditional scaffold frames won’t cut it. Our pedestal frame includes a higher level to be used as a material shelf unit and a lower level for a walkboard. You’ll be close to the project with all your tools in easy reach.
    • Walkboard level height adjusts from 24″ to 48″.
  • Outriggers

    Outriggers are triangular brackets that attach to the bottom of a scaffold tower to increase the base width and improve stability. Ours can be used with casters or leveling jacks, giving you options for different working environments.
    • Used to increase the base width
    • Increase the stability of the tower
    • Can be used with casters or leveling jacks
  • Drop Forged Clamps

    Complex drop forged steel clamps are precisely engineered to hold scaffolding tubes together safely and efficiently. We carry both rigid and swivel versions.
    • Clamps that are used to hold scaffolding tubes together
    • Offered in both rigid and swivel
  • Tube-N-Clamp Components

    Tube-N-Clamp scaffolding is a versatile system that uses vertical and horizontal steel clamps connected with right angle clamps. Unlike traditional scaffolding, it is not preassembled. We carry a variety of components used to build Tube-N-Clamp scaffolding, including tubes, wrenches, casters, and base plates.
    Components used to build Tube-N-Clamp scaffolding
  • Sidewalk Frame

    When your construction site overlooks a sidewalk, you need to protect pedestrians from falling debris. The Bil-Jax sidewalk frame is built of sturdy steel and provides support for plywood or another protective covering to shield passersby below.
    • Furnished with hex nut lock standard
    • Can be ordered with inserts attached
  • Panel Guard System

    The Bil-Jax Panel Guard System is a complete safety solution that includes a top rail, mid-rail, and toeboard. It’s easy and quick to install. Hinge pins are recommended to prevent wind uplift and keep the system in place.
    • Easy and quick to install
    • Panels include top rail, mid-rail and toeboard
    • Hinge pins are recommended to prevent uplift
    • Easi-Guard and Panel-Guard components are not interchangeable.
  • Putlog Accessories

    Mounting putlogs can be tricky. We offer a variety of accessories including angle hangers, saddles, spreaders, and a putlog support with clamps to accommodate various weights.
  • Putlogs

    Putlogs are crossbars that can be used to secure scaffolding directly to a wall in light duty applications. They span a larger area and are a low-cost alternative for larger platforms or bridging obstructions. We offer standard and trussed putlogs for different applications.
    • Only to be used for light duty applications
    • Spans over a larger area
    • Putlogs are used as a low cost alternative for larger platforms or bridging obstructions