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Frames, walkboards, leveling jacks, cross braces, rolling towers, access systems, stair towers and more. All your scaffolding needs from one place. Bil-Jax®, the original yellow scaffold manufacturer.

  • Diagonal Cross Braces

    Diagonal cross braces are the main connecting components of scaffolding and are essential in providing a rigid connection for each scaffold frame. Manufactured from high quality steel tubing with a galvanized finish, you can rest assured Bil-Jax cross braces will withstand harsh conditions and ensure a safe and reliable working environment.
    • Braces available in “hole end” or “notch end” types
    • End type to coordinate with your lock type
    • Replace the 0010 with 0009 when ordering “notch end” braces
  • EZ-RAX

    Scaffold transport system eliminates the hassle of renting scaffolding by providing all the components in one integrated storage racking system. You’ll get a scaffold trailer, rolling tower scaffold, and storage rack with tool box and straps. Setup and teardown are simple, and you’ll be able to easily track all inventory.
    EZ-RAX is the industry’s first and only scaffold transport system. From transport to storage to inventory management, Bil-Jax’s patented engineering solution virtually eliminates all the scaffold rental hassles for both retailers and their customers. Every aspect of the scaffold rental is easier, faster, and more convenient. The EZ-RAX scaffold trailer is designed for use with our popular 5’ x 7’  high rolling tower scaffold. Every part and component is held within one integrated storage racking system. For the customer renting the scaffold, that means easier setup and teardown, as well as simpler inventory assessment to ensure all parts are in place and ready for return. For the retailer, it means consistent compact storage capabilities when the scaffold is not being rented, as well as simple single unit mobility when it comes to loading, unloading, drop off, and delivery. Along with the entire scaffold system and rolling tower, the storage rack includes a small tool box, straps to help secure all parts and forklift slots for easy transport. Eliminate the hassles of a bulky rental scaffolding system and take the EZ-RAX route today. Holds every part and component of a 20′, 15', and 10' high rolling tower scaffold in one integrated racking system Helps ensure that every part and component is included — and returned when rented Currently available with or without the Bil-Jax rolling tower
    • Plastic tag holder
    • Scaffold Completed tag insert
    • Scaffold Incomplete tag insert
    • Scaffold Released for Access tag insert
  • Rolling Tower Package

    Our Rolling Tower Package gives you a sturdy rolling tower manufactured from high-strength steel tubing with coped and arc welded perimeter joints on all frames. You’ll have a large work platform with adjustable platform levels and an easy access guard rail system to ensure safety. Towers are easy and quick to assemble and available in three sizes.
    Bil-Jax Rolling Tower Packages are manufactured from high strength steel tubing with coped and arc welded perimeter joints on all frames. The rolling towers offer a large work platform with adjustable platform levels and an easy access guard rail system. Standard 7 tube size. All standard components are quick and easy to assemble.
  • TUF-N-LITE Walkboard

    Comprising an aluminum frame and ½” finished plywood deck, our TUF-N-LITE Walkboard is the most widely used industrial grade scaffold plank in the industry. Heavy duty side rail extrusions, a 4 Bolt hook design, and aluminum cross members ensure strength and support.
    Bil-Jax Tuf-N-Lite Walkboards are the most widely used industrial grade scaffold plank on the market. Bil-Jax Walkboard Planks features 1/2" finished plywood decking and heavy duty "I" beam side rails. Each Bil-Jax Plank meets or exceeds O.S.H.A standards and has a 75 lbs. per square foot duty rating. Made in the USA.
  • Original Multipurpose

    You can’t beat the classics, and our Original Multipurpose Baker Scaffold is a go-to for many projects. Mobile and versatile, it’s narrow enough to fit through doorways and adjustable up to 17’, enabling you to reach even the highest spaces. Removable casters give you the confidence to perform work on stairs or other uneven surfaces.
    • Mobile scaffolding unit
    • Fits through doorways
  • Side Brackets

    Side brackets attach to the side of scaffolding parallel to the cross braces. They provide additional work space, extending the platform closer to the building or wall. Bil-Jax side brackets are adjustable and will support up to 500 lbs. They are available in tube and plate end configurations.
    Side Brackets or Saddle Hangers are built for Bil-Jax Scaffold Systems. Adjustable options as well as Tube or Plate end options are available. Standard tube size is 7. Made in the USA. Capacity 500 lb. All brackets should be pinned properly in place.
  • Guard Rail Posts

    Guard rail posts are essential in securing guard rails, required to prevent falls on scaffolding that exceeds OSHA height restrictions. Bil-Jax guard rail posts are designed for conventional guard rail systems and must be used with toeboards to be in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.
    • Conventional guard rail system
    • Must be used with toeboards, on all scaffolds, in compliance with local, state and federal regulations
  • Heavy Duty Stair Tower

    Our heavy duty stair tower provides access up to 100’ for indoor and outdoor projects including buildings, bridges, observations, scaffolding, and renovation. Each package comes with frames, braces, leveling jacks, stair sections with handrails, stair rests, full top platform, and top panel guard.
    Bil-Jax offers a heavy duty stair scaffolding system for worker access to buildings, bridges, observation towers, or renovation done inside or outside. The stairs can also be used for access in a scaffold set-up. Stair Tower Packages include frames, braces, leveling jacks, stair sections with handrails, stair rests, full top platform and top panel guard.
  • Inserts are available in three diameters as illustrated in the product images. All inserts are size coded on the collar as either 5, 6 or 7. Inserts are not included with frames - they must be ordered as separate items.
  • Leveling Jacks

    Made from cold-rolled steel with plated roll formed threads for durability and long life, Bil-Jax adjustable leveling jacks provide a solid foundation for your scaffolding frame — especially when it’s assembled alongside an external wall. Each can be set to custom heights.
    Adjustable Leveling Jack is ideal for ensuring a solid foundation for a scaffolding frame, especially when it is assembled along an external wall.
  • Pro-Jax Packages

    With easy setup and a 1,000-lb. capacity, the Pro-Jax Utility Baker Scaffold is our #1 seller. Sturdy and lightweight, it provides more stability than a ladder, making it a great choice for hard-to-reach places. You’ll have no problem conquering window cleaning, sign and overhead door installation, painting, electrical work, and other projects.
    The Pro-Jax Utility Scaffold is Bil-Jax's #1 selling product. Made from an all steel square-tubed construction, yet light in weight, it is easily setup by one person. Typical applications include: - Electrical - Painting - Acoustical - Finishing - Window cleaning - HVAC installation - Sign installation - Building Maintenance - Overhead door installation - Window treatment installation