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Ring Lock – Vertical Diagonals

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Ring Lock – Vertical Diagonals

  • Stabilizes the verticals and Ring Lock scaffolding
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  • Stabilizes the verticals and Ring Lock scaffolding

Additional information

Part Number
C256-05-111520 Sys-Generic-Vertical Diagonal-1.15Mx 2.0
C256-05-302420 Sys-generic-vertdiag 2ftx2.0m
C256-05-303620 Sys-GenericVert Diagonal-3ft x 2.0M
C256-05-304820 Sys-Generic-Vertical Diagonal-4ft x 2.0M
C256-05-306020 Sys-Generic-Vert Diag 5ft x 2.0m
C256-05-308420 Sys-Generic-Vertical Diagonal-7ft x 2.0M
C256-05-309620 Sys-GenericVert Diagonal-8ft x 2.0M
C256-05-312020 Sys-GenericVert Diagonal-10ft x 2.0M
C256-11-102005 Vertical Diagonal 2.0M x 0.5M
C256-11-102010 Vertical Diagonal 2.0M x 1.0M
C256-11-103005 Vertical Diagonal 3.0M x 0.5M
C256-11-103010 Vertical Diagonal 3.0M x 1.0M