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Ring Lock – Leveling Jack

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Ring Lock – Leveling Jack

  • Can be set to custom heights
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These Ring Lock Scaffold Leveling Jacks are composed of a single threaded rod of steel with a square base at the bottom for stability and a single large threaded steel wing nut that twists up and down the rod. These are used as a starting base for a scaffold. These are adjustable in height to allow for compensation on uneven surfaces so that a level scaffold is always attainable. Our ring lock leveling jacks are made in the USA with the highest quality components including a powder coat finish for durability that exceeds OSHA regulations. The leveling jacks we manufacture conform to the most rigid tolerance tests in the industry, which is what makes our leveling jacks the most used and recognized on the market today.

Ring lock is a modular access scaffolding system for industrial and construction applications. Engineered for versatility, durability and strength, BilJax Ring Lock Scaffold is a universal application system with professional performance. Ideal for use on structures with complicated shapes, plans and elevations, it’s the perfect choice when angular flexibility is important. Our Ring Lock Scaffold is cost effective and outperforms the competition. At the heart of the Ring Lock Scaffold is our rosette joint design. This unique plate has eight openings that allow up to eight horizontals and diagonals to be connected to each rosette. As a result, Ring Lock scaffold offers incredible adaptability to meet the requirements of varied building elevations and plans. The Ring Lock rosette joint is engineered with eight holes so that members connect quickly and easily at “automatic angles.” When Ring Lock scaffold is being used on an uncomplicated, “normal” structure, scaffold horizontals connect to the rosette at 90o angles to ensure intersecting right angles. However, the joint also has four elongated holes that allow members to be connected at any angle between 30o and 60o. That means Ring Lock scaffold offers virtually unlimited angular adjustment and design, making it ideal for triangular, polygonal, and curved scaffold designs. However, the advantages of this special rosette joint don’t end there.

Other ways the BilJax system outperforms other conventional designs: Using finite element analysis (FEA), the size and material strength of the modular steel rosette have been optimized for the applied loads. Find out how Ring Lock Scaffold can take your productivity to new heights.

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0032-159 Level Jack-#9 Rigid-Tube-21"- 38.1mm-14i
0032-609 Level Jack-#9 Rigid-Tube- 38mm