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Lateral Braces  

  • Needed every 20’ in height
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The braces we manufacture conform to the most rigid tolerance tests in the industry, which is what makes our braces the most used and recognized on the market today. In order to be secure and safe, scaffolding towers need to be stabilized and squared at the base by these strong braces. Our lateral scaffolding braces are made in the USA with the highest quality components including ID coated tubing for extended life and powder coat finish for durability that exceed OSHA regulations. They are single rods of steel that connect perpendicularly at the base to strengthen scaffolding. These work best in conjunction with cat-a-corner braces.

Additional information

Part Number
Description Tube Size
0019-55-07 Lateral Brace - 7' 5 12
0019-55-10 Lateral Brace - 10' 5 19
0019-56-07 Lateral Brace - 7' 6 12
0019-56-10 Lateral Brace - 10' 6 19
0019-57-07 Lateral Brace - 7' 7 12
0019-57-10 Lateral Brace - 10' 7 19