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Scaffold braces provide rigid connections to keep scaffolding in a fixed position for stability. They are used to connect and secure scaffold frames and panels, ensuring scaffolding is kept plumb, level, and square, and to prevent swaying.

Bil-Jax offers several different scaffold brace configurations depending on the type of scaffolding and design. These may be used individually or in combination.

  • Diagonal Cross Braces

    Diagonal cross braces offer rigid connections for scaffold frames. Manufactured from high quality steel for durability.
  • Arm Braces

    Arm braces provide scaffolding access from the braced side. Available in hole end, notch end & trussed styles.
  • Cat-A-Corner Braces

    Cat-a-corner braces connect diagonally at the scaffold base to provide strength & extra stability.
  • Lateral Braces

    Lateral braces are used with cat-a-corner braces to provide extra support. Connect perpendicularly at the base to keep scaffolding squared.