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AS2100 Aluminum Stage Decks

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AS2100 Aluminum Stage Decks

Standard deck sizes for the AS2100 include 4’ x 4’, 4’ x 8’, 45° corner, and rounded corner decks. The decks are designed for 1 3/4” fixed legs or telescopic legs. All leg styles attach to decks with the use of thumbscrew eliminating snap pins. All decking includes velcro for skirting.

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The AS2100 Staging System is an aluminum stage designed for ease of use and durability. Available in a variety of shapes and dimensions with unique locking hooks; your options for configurations are endless.

  • Minimal parts required
  • Quick snap-in legs and guard panels
  • Interlocking hook design eliminates cam locks
  • Stairs/legs interchange with Multi-Stage ST8100
  • Extremely versatile for indoor or outdoor use
  • Easily adaptable for risers
  • Shared legs reduces the number of components
  • Meets or exceeds all IBC and UBC code requirements
  • All parts replaceable
  • The understructure combines simplicity and strength.
  • For higher elevations a ring system understructure is available

Additional information

Part Number
C105-20-7 4' x 8' Black Poly Ripple 132
C105-22-7 4' x 4' Black Poly Ripple 71
0105-27-7 Round 4' x 4' Black Poly Ripple 32
0105-29-7 45° 4' X 4' Black Poly Ripple 32
0105-32-7 2' x 8' Black Poly Ripple 70
0105-34-7 2' x 4' Black Poly Ripple 46
C105-26-7 2' x 2' Black Poly Ripple 18
0105-01-04A Deck Lock - Corner Support Bracket 1