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Guards and Outriggers

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Guards and Outriggers

  • Guard Rail Posts

    Guard rail posts secure conventional guard rail systems to ensure safety & comply with local, state & federal regulations.
  • Scaffold Guard Rails

    Galvanized tubing guard rails attach to scaffolding to ensure worker safety. Compatible with B, F, or U lock guard rail posts.
  • Intermediate Guard Rails

    Intermediate guard rails attach to open end scaffold frames to ensure worker safety. Side & end panels available.
  • Steel Toeboards

    Toeboards prevent tools & other objects from falling from scaffolding decks & causing injury to people below.
  • Swing Gates

    Swing gates for Open End frames allow workers to move between scaffold sections & provide a guard rail for safety.
  • Easi-Guard Panel System

    Easi-Guard Panel System assembles quickly & easily to provide safety on scaffold platforms. Includes top rail & chained mid-rail.
  • Panel Guard System

    A complete safety solution that includes a top rail, mid-rail & toeboard. Installs quickly & easily.
  • Outriggers

    Triangular outrigger brackets increase scaffolding base width & provide stability. Use with casters or leveling jacks.