Scaffold Sectional Scaffold, Utility Scaffold, System Scaffold, and Shoring Scaffold. Everything you need from the original yellow scaffold company, Bil-Jax®.
    • Easy and quick to install
    • Panels include top rail, mid-rail and toeboard
    • Hinge pins are recommended to prevent uplift
    • Easi-Guard and Panel-Guard components are not interchangeable.
  • Used to support plywood or other means of protective covering over walkway areas on job construction sites. Prevents debris, small tools, etc. from falling onto walkway.
  • Components used to build Tube-N-Clamp scaffolding
    • Clamps that are used to hold scaffolding tubes together
    • Offered in both rigid and swivel
    • Used to increase the base width
    • Increase the stability of the tower
    • Can be used with casters or leveling jacks
  • Designed for one-story brick work only. Pedestal Scaffolding can be used inside or outside. Walkboard level height adjusts from 24" to 48". Material shelf unit is conveniently located 20" above the walkboard level. Not to be used in conjunction with any other scaffolds.
    • various sizes of shore heads and shore jacks with heads
  • Various clamps to be used for scaffolding
  • Knock-down frames provide a way of getting scaffolding into tanks and other areas with restricted openings. Knock-down frames fit through a 13" diameter opening.
  • The Canopy Top is used along the top of a scaffold set-up to hold weather protection material in place. It fits on top of any 5' frame. Brackets to hold 2 x 4 wood have been welded to the outside leg. Weather Protection Clips can also be used. Clips are made of sturdy PVC plastic and snap firmly into place to hold plastic weather material to scaffold.
  • Half Outrigger Clamp, Putlog Clamp Hook, Gooser Brace Slide, Leveling Nut, Set Screw, Lever Tail Nut 5" Long , Brace Rivet with 3 Washers, U-bolt only - Putlong Angle Hanger, Thumb Screw