From clumsy transportation to inefficient storage to parts misplacements, the headaches that come with renting out scaffolding are seemingly endless. Now there is a system that solves it all. EZ-RAX is the industry’s first and only scaffold transport system. From transport to storage to inventory management, Bil-Jax’s patented engineering solution virtually eliminates all the scaffold rental hassles for both retailers and their customers. Every aspect of the scaffold rental is easier, faster, and more convenient. The EZ-RAX scaffold trailer is designed for use with our popular 5’ x 7’  high rolling tower scaffold. Every part and component is held within one integrated storage racking system. For the customer renting the scaffold, that means easier setup and teardown, as well as simpler inventory assessment to ensure all parts are in place and ready for return. For the retailer, it means consistent compact storage capabilities when the scaffold is not being rented, as well as simple single unit mobility when it comes to loading, unloading, drop off, and delivery. Along with the entire scaffold system and rolling tower, the storage rack includes a small tool box, straps to help secure all parts and forklift slots for easy transport. Eliminate the hassles of a bulky rental scaffolding system and take the EZ-RAX route today. Holds every part and component of a 20′, 15', and 10' high rolling tower scaffold in one integrated racking system Helps ensure that every part and component is included — and returned when rented Currently available with or without the Bil-Jax rolling tower