System Scaffold

Ring lock and cup lock scaffolding.

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Sectional Scaffold

Walkboards, frames, rolling towers, and more.

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Shoring Scaffold

Shoring posts, frames, heads, and jacks.

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Trash chute, drywall cart, drywall lift, inspection tags, ramps, and more.

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Headshot of Kurt Bostater

Kurt Bostater, Scaffold Services Business Leader

Kurt works with master scaffold erectors and dismantlers by supplying them with everything they need. He enjoys water skiing, snow skiing, and landscaping. He is a neat freak when it comes to the house, cars, and landscaping.

PHONE: 567-444-4146

Bil-Jax Scaffolding in Action.

These Bil-Jax products are designed to support large scale industrial and commercial construction jobs such as high rises, ship building, offshore construction, etc. This is especially true of our Bil-Jax Original Yellow Ring-Lock Scaffolding and scaffolding accessories as these are critical for large or cumbersome projects.

Featured Products

  • Ring Lock – Verticals

    These Ring Lock Vertical posts are composed of a single rod of steel with the ring portion of the rosette design as well as steel inserts for connecting to other vertical posts.
  • Ring Lock – Verticals without Inserts

    Vertical posts for ring lock scaffolding consist of a steel rod with the ring portion of the rosette joint design. Ideal for structures with complicated shapes.
  • Ring Lock – Truss

    Trusses for ring lock scaffolding stabilize the verticals & feature the connecting portion of the rosette joint design. Used to span over large areas.
  • Ring Lock – Side Bracket

    Side brackets for ring lock scaffolding are made of steel rods in a stabilized triangle. Features the connecting portion of the rosette joint design.

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