Scaffolding is instrumental in providing workers with a temporary structure upon which they can work at height or in hard-to-reach places. The key word here is “temporary.” Getting scaffolding to the construction site, and then hauling it away when the project is complete, can be challenging. 

Bil-Jax responded by developing EZ-RAX, the industry’s first and only scaffold transport system. The EZ-RAX scaffold trailer is designed for use with our popular 5’ x 7’ rolling tower scaffold. Every part and component is held within one integrated storage racking system. In addition to the scaffold system and rolling tower, the storage rack comes with a small tool box, straps to help secure all parts, and forklift slots for easy transport.

There are many benefits to EZ-RAX, including:

  1. Easy to inventory and store.
  2. Easier setup and teardown, making renting scaffold easier.
  3. Easy to load, transport, unload, and drop off. 
  4. Holds every part and component of a 10’, 15’, or 20’ rolling scaffold tower.

See our EZ-RAX scaffold transport in action!

EZ-RAX loaded in the back of a truck