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Real Grit. Real American.

Use Anywhere

Don’t let hills, inclines, or obstacles hold you back. Our patented engineering creates a stable foundation for any event. The Bil-Jax TF2100 can be used on any terrain, at various heights, and includes quick-attach accessories and tiered beams.

Save Time

The Bil-Jax® TF2100 event tent flooring system provides a stable understructure that is quick and easy to assemble, tear down, and store.

Save Money

Our easy-to-understand modular system reduces costs and labor in setup, teardown, and logistics. Free up your resources with tighter scheduling that can help lead to additional projects.

“Since our purchase, we have increased our bottom-line revenues by being able to accommodate almost any space for a tent. The ease in installation has allowed us to cut labor costs also. I feel that the TF2100 is one of the best products made available to our industry in recent years.”

Mike Holland

Chattanooga Tents

Talk to a Real Bil-Jax® Expert. 1 (866) 494-0487.

Why Bil-Jax

At Bil-Jax, we’ve been keeping it real since 1947. Real quality. Real safety. Real values. And an overwhelmingly real commitment to always do the right thing for anyone who chooses Bil-Jax. For well over the last 70 years, demanding event companies, scaffold service companies, retailers and rental yards have counted on Bil-Jax to deliver the world’s most durable and reliable products and customer-focused industry expertise. When the real work needs to get done, here’s why you should start with Bil-Jax.

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Get Better ROI With Bil-Jax

We offer the first engineered elevated tent floor system. Designed to seamlessly integrate with the industry’s most popular tents, it connects seamlessly, providing wall-to-floor weatherproofing with fewer components and more integrations.

Improve Operations

Traditional tent flooring requires skilled carpenters, excessive inventory and tools, and a large team to built. When it’s all finished, you have a smaller ROI, more liability, and a sloppy setup. Bil-Jax TF2100 Tent Flooring is designed to work specifically with clear span tents. It uses fewer parts and tools, requires fewer manhours, and provides a more secure understructure. It integrates with clear span tents without any additional components to create a 100% weather-proof structure. See our case study on how Bil-Jax TF2100 Tent Flooring improved one companies ROI. We can do the same for you.

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