Explore your typical utilization scenarios and discover when you’ll reach 100% profitability on your Bil-Jax equipment investment. The below graph is already populated with average utilization and weekly rental price. Add in your investment amount. If different than ours, add your expected utilization rate, which is based on your estimated percentage of usage by week, and your weekly rental rate which is based on your estimated percentage of your total investment. Then click Inside the Annual Sales block to calculate.

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1. Use one of our Bundled Prices below, or add in any investment price. Keep in mind, any investment number you use will include a generous 40% promotional discount — so do not use the Promo Price as your investment.
2. Our research with other Bil-Jax Rental Partners routinely demonstrate at least a 25% utilization rate for scaffolding mixes.
3. Our research also shows that our typical Rental Partner is able to charge an average of 10% of their total product investment whenever they rent Bil-Jax —about $10 for every $100.