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Tent Flooring

TF2100 is an engineered tent floor and event stage system designed to integrate with clear span tent structures.

Our tent flooring is adaptable and can accommodate the most difficult, multi-terrain challenges. Hills, terraces, and even swimming pools are not a problem for this elevated tent flooring system.

The slide-and-connect cassette flooring system requires fewer pieces and parts than other similar types of systems on the market today. That also means fewer tools and quicker assembly and teardown time.

Built-in tie-downs and tent upright shoring points provide safer, more secure installations. As an event tent under-structure, TF2100 works seamlessly with tents from various manufacturers. It reliably produces seamless, wall-to-floor weatherproofing.

See how a partnership with Bil-Jax is improving operations and profitability, Case Study: Chattanooga Tent & Event Solutions.
Case Study: Chattanooga Tent & Event Solutions

  • TF2100

    Elevated event tent flooring/understructure. Integrates with clear-span tents. Built-in tie-downs and tent upright shoring.