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  • Horizontal Quick Brace

    Our horizontal quick brace ensures a strong connection, enables faster setup, and easily adapts to low stage heights. Installation is quick and easy.
  • ST8100 Stage Guard Rails

    Guard rails are recommended when using the Multi-Stage system to help prevent falls and keep performers safe. Bil-Jax guard rails are easy to install and available in both vertical and horizontal configurations.
  • ST8100 Storage Carts

    Multi-Stage Storage Carts save space by providing you with a place to store your decks conveniently and efficiently. Their solid steel frame construction makes it easy to transport decks to and from setup sites.
  • AS2100 Storage Cart

    The AS2100 Storage Cart saves space by providing you with a convenient way to transport decks and a place to store them when not in use. Carts are adjustable to fit both 4’ x 8’ and 8’ x 8’ decks with additional storage for legs and other accessories.
  • ST8100 Stage Accessories

    No two events are the same. Bil-Jax offers a variety of stage accessories designed to provide a stage unit that is extremely versatile and easy to assemble. Snap pins, T-handles, F-clips, riser sockets, and chair rail clamps are idea for many different community activities, events, and tent flooring.
  • AS2100 Stage Accessories

    Unique events require different configurations. No two events are the same. Bil-Jax offers a variety of stage accessories designed to make your aluminum stage versatile and easy to assemble. Casters, caster adapters, riser adapters, chair rails, and stair adapters are all available.
  • Truss Understructure

    A truss understructure provides flexibility for many different types of events, saving space and helping enhance audio, video, lighting, and more. The Bil-Jax truss understructure comes with vertical posts, horizontal braces, vertical diagonals, starter collar, leveling jack, and truss.