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ST8100 Steel Multi-Stage

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ST8100 Steel Multi-Stage

Traditional steel staging systems are practical for every job. If you’re looking for versatility and flexibility, a modular stage system can be configured in various shapes and sizes to provide safe access in unique event locations.

  • ST8100 Multi-Stage

    Not all scaffolding involves towers and rigging. When organizing a social event, you might find yourself in need of a rugged, durable stage. The Bil-Jax ST8100 Multi-Stage is attractive and, most importantly, easy to assemble. It’s perfect for a variety of community events, from concerts to tent flooring.
  • Legs, Sleeves, and Base Pads

    Legs, sleeves, and base pads provide stable support for the ST8100 multi-stage. Galvanized steel square-tube legs are available in a variety of standard sizes and can be custom cut to fit your specific needs. A non-marring rubber base pad will prevent slippage and keep floors scuff-free.
  • ST8100 Bracing

    Multi-stage bracing ensures a rigid connection, allows for faster setup, and easily adapts to low stage heights. Installation is quick and easy. You’ll have several options to choose from including galvanized cross bracing, horizontal bracing, and quick bracing.
  • Build-Up Frames

    If your event requires large-scale tiered seating, build-up frames help ensure your audience has a clear line of sight. You can combine 4’ high build-up frames with standard 1 ½” legs to reach stage heights of 8’ or stack two frames together for higher applications. Coupling inserts ensure quick, secure stacking.
  • ST8100 Stage Guard Rails

    Guard rails are recommended when using the Multi-Stage system to help prevent falls and keep performers safe. Bil-Jax guard rails are easy to install and available in both vertical and horizontal configurations.
  • ST8100 Storage Carts

    Multi-Stage Storage Carts save space by providing you with a place to store your decks conveniently and efficiently. Their solid steel frame construction makes it easy to transport decks to and from setup sites.
  • ST8100 Stage Accessories

    No two events are the same. Bil-Jax offers a variety of stage accessories designed to provide a stage unit that is extremely versatile and easy to assemble. Snap pins, T-handles, F-clips, riser sockets, and chair rail clamps are idea for many different community activities, events, and tent flooring.