Real Work Starts With Us.


Everyday we bring real passion, real pride, and real dedication to the work we do. Our people and our products are the foundations of thrilling events and incredible structures all over the world. Great experiences start with Bil-Jax®.  The real work to create them begins with each of us.

Real Quality. Real Safety.

It’s The Only Way.

Our brand stands for real durability, real dependability, and real safety. We’re passionate about manufacturing the best products we can deliver in all the industries we serve. Our focus on producing authentic, American-made quality unites our teams, inspires our partners, and builds our reputations with everyone who relies on Bil-Jax®, everywhere.

Real Commitment.

In Every Way.

No matter what role we play within Bil-Jax® each day, we are committed to delivering great experiences to each other, our customers, and our users. Every detail is important. Every weld. Every call. Every shipment. It’s our real commitment that will support American families and build our communities. Our commitment is the driving force behind all the events they will remember, and all the structures we help create wherever we all work, live, and play.