How the Patented TF2100 has become a new foundation for growth and profitability for Chattanooga Tent

For over 85 years, 4th generation Chattanooga Tent & Event Solutions has been helping fulfill the needs of wedding and party planners, festival organizers, and sporting event directors across the country. Through it all, Bil-Jax® and Chattanooga Tent have forged a very successful, strategic partnership. In fact, Chattanooga Tent is one of the event industry’s premiere users of the Bil-Jax® TF2100 Tent Flooring System, and today, they use it almost exclusively to produce their custom venue solutions. Here’s how the TF2100 has changed their business.

Life Before the TF2100

Before the TF2100, Chattanooga Tent was using a competitive flooring system in combination with semi-custom, wood bracing and flooring.
• Required experienced carpenters on every job who understood how to produce reliable bracing systems
• Occasionally lost sleep worrying about structural integrity
• Required more tools, parts, nuts, bolts and anchoring components
• Required significant labor hours to both construct and deconstruct
• Metal frame and brace scaffold system existed but terrain-adaptability was very limiting and required significant ingenuity
• Were difficult if not impossible to waterproof along the wall-to-floor connection points

Life After the TF2100

Chattanooga Tent began using the TF2100 in 2016, and they:
• Lowered their labor costs, and increased profitability by 10-20% per project*
• Saw upwards of a 35% increase in flooring solution upsell
• Reduced their reliance on highly skilled labor once required on each project site
• Enjoy the simplicity of less multi-brand inventory, far fewer tools and components
• Sleep better after every installation
• Reliably produced seamless, wall-to-floor waterproofing
• Easily tackle the most difficult, multi-terrain challenges
• Now have a competitive new differentiator as America’s custom venue experts

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Mike Holland at Chattanooga Tents Says: