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The patented Bil-Jax TF2100, tent flooring system, has become a new foundation for growth and profitability for Chattanooga Tent & Event Solutions

For over 85 years, Chattanooga Tent & Event Solutions has fulfilled the needs of wedding and party planners, festival organizers, and sporting event directors across the country. 

In 2016, they became one of the event industry’s first to adopt the Bil-Jax® TF2100 Tent Flooring System . Today, they use it almost exclusively to produce custom and creative event venue solutions. 

Here’s how the move to the TF2100 has created a successful partnership to bring innovative and versatile tent flooring solutions to their clients.

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Life Before Using the TF2100

Before the TF2100, Chattanooga Tent was using a competitive flooring system in combination with semi-custom, wood bracing and flooring. These solutions…
• Required experienced carpenters on every job who understood how to produce reliable bracing systems
• Occasionally caused us lost sleep worrying about structural integrity
• Needed more tools, parts, nuts, bolts and anchoring components
• Demanded significantly more labor hours to both construct and deconstruct
• Provided limited terrain adaptability and required significant ingenuity with existing scaffold varieties
• Were difficult to defer water along the wall-to-floor meeting points

Life After Using the TF2100

Chattanooga Tent began using the TF2100 in 2016, and started experiencing:
• Lower labor costs, and an increase in profitability by 10-20% per project*
• Upwards of a 35% increase in flooring solution upsell
• A reduction in their reliance on highly skilled labor that was once required on each project site
• The simplicity and cost efficiencies of less multi-brand inventory, coupled with far fewer tools and components
• Better sleep after every installation
• Seamless, wall-to-floor waterproofing
• An improved ability to tackle even the most difficult, multi-terrain challenges

With the Bil-Jax TF2100, Chattanooga Tent & Event Solutions has a new competitive edge as America’s custom venue experts.

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Interview with Mike Holland on Bil-Jax Tent Flooring

Hear from Mike Holland on how Chattanooga Tent & Event Solutions is growing their operations and improving their profitability with the Bil-Jax TF2100 Tent Flooring System. Mike explains the obstacles and challenges the event industry faces with traditional Strato systems and how switching to the TF2100 helps set his business apart.

Headshot of Mike Holland

Mike Holland at Chattanooga Tents Says: