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Variable Pitch Bleacher

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Variable Pitch Bleacher

Generally the two systems of a bleacher setup are Elevated and the other Non-Elevated. The Elevated bleacher features a front walkway that can be 2ft or 3ft or 4 ft elevated from the ground. The front walkway frames are 6ft long and must use this frame to make the walkway in front of the bleacher.

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The minimum number of rows with the 308 Tip-Up seat is 5 rows. When another frame is added, the number of rows will be increased by 2 rows. This row increment system is applicable for elevated and non-elevated bleachers. For Example: The minimum number of rows is 5, then 7, then 9.

  • Painted or galvanized frames
  • New 308 Tip-Up seat is 20” wide
  • Any number of seats can be in a row with no need to be a multiple of 3 or 2
    One set up can provide Tip-up seats as well as bench seats
  • New floor boards reduce setup time as well as ease transportation
  • More leg room for comfort. The tip-up seats will provide 12” more leg space for people to pass in front
  • 12” Rise and 36” depth for seating with the tip-up seats