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AB Elite Grandstand

Portable system provides the comfort of permanent seats with full backrests.

  • 9 basic components can be combined to create full row seating with side aisles, center aisle seating, seating with entertainment skyboxes, or floor seating. This is a very flexible design.
  • The seating structure is constructed from the highest quality materials; and then hot dipped galvanized to provide superior corrosion resistance.
  • Corner components, all styles of access, even palletized storage systems are available to reduce storage and transportation costs.
  • Flooring and aisle materials are designed to last a minimum of 10 years under normal use.


Ideal Applications include but are not limited to… Tennis and Golf Tournaments, Auto and Power Boat Racing, Swim Meets, Gymnastics, Boxing Matches, Basketball, Soccer, Baseball and Other Sporting Events, Casino Events, Amusement and Entertainment Venues Contact the factory today for your custom set-up