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Sectional Scaffold, Utility Scaffold, System Scaffold, and Shoring Scaffold. Everything you need from the original yellow scaffold company, Bil-Jax®.

  • X-PANDED Steel Walkboard

    Durable and corrosion-resistant, our X-PANDED Steel Walkboard is made of galvanized steel. It’s an economical, low-maintenance solution that includes an expanded metal surface area for jobs that require a little extra room and two scaffold hooks at each end.
    • All Galvanized Steel Construction
    • Expanded Metal Surface Area
    • Two Scaffold Hooks At Each End
    • Heavy Duty Construction
  • “L” Ladder Frame

    If you’re looking for the convenience of a ladder but need something more heavy-duty, our “L” ladder frames are just the ticket. We combine steel beams for strength and add ID coated tubing for extended life and a powder coat finish for durability. Scramble up the side of your scaffolding with confidence.
    • Narrow frames traditionally called 28″ wide can vary from 25 11⁄16″ – 31 11⁄16″
    • Exact overall measurements are needed when ordering 28″ wide frames
    • Shown with J-Lock
    • Can be ordered with inserts attached
  • TUF-N-LITE Walkboard

    Comprising an aluminum frame and ½” finished plywood deck, our TUF-N-LITE Walkboard is the most widely used industrial grade scaffold plank in the industry. Heavy duty side rail extrusions, a 4 Bolt hook design, and aluminum cross members ensure strength and support.
    Bil-Jax Tuf-N-Lite Walkboards are the most widely used industrial grade scaffold plank on the market. Bil-Jax Walkboard Planks features 1/2" finished plywood decking and heavy duty "I" beam side rails. Each Bil-Jax Plank meets or exceeds O.S.H.A standards and has a 75 lbs. per square foot duty rating. Made in the USA.
  • X-TRU-LITE Walkboard

    With extruded all-aluminum decking and an interlocking 3-Hook design, our X-TRU-LITE Walkboard is a lightweight, stable, and secure solution that requires little maintenance. A non-slip grip improves safety, and off-set hooks enable continuous decking.
    Bil-Jax 7100 series walkboard features a 3-hook, deck interlock design with grooved aluminum decking for a non-slip grip.
  • Steel Walkboard

    When strength and durability are your top priorities and you don’t have a lot of time for maintenance, your best bet is a steel walkboard. Ours are available in three different lengths depending on your needs and designed to support heavy loads safely and securely.
    Available in 7', 8', and 10' lengths.  This product offers users the highest possible product quality & durability with the least possible maintenance.
  • Step Frames

    Easy to assemble and disassemble, Bil-Jax step frames come with ladder-type rungs on one side and an open space on the other. Made of durable steel, ID coated tubing, and a powder coat finish, we’ve built these to exceed OSHA standards. Use the step frames to climb up scaffolding or create an adjustable makeshift workbench by laying a plank between the rungs.
    • Shown with C-Lock
    • Can be ordered with inserts attached
  • Open End Frames

    Built with high-quality components, Bil-Jax open end frames are conjoined into a single unit with a walk-through opening that offers flexibility and easy access across the worksite. When working at height, you can walk the entire length of scaffolding without having to climb down and then back up to reach different sections.
    • Shown with Open Cane
    • Shown with C-Lock
    • Can be ordered with inserts attached
  • “R” Ladder Frame

    When you need easier access to the top of your scaffolding, inches matter. That’s why our “R” ladder frames are built with rungs spaced 12” apart instead of the usual 15”. You’ll be able to climb up the scaffolding more easily, and the wider frame length will provide you with peace of mind.
    • Normal 5×5 frame rung spacing is over 15”
    • Shown with T-Lock
    • Can be ordered with inserts attached
  • Pedestal Scaffold Frame

    If your job involves single-story brickwork, traditional scaffold frames won’t cut it. Our pedestal frame includes a higher level to be used as a material shelf unit and a lower level for a walkboard. You’ll be close to the project with all your tools in easy reach.
    • Walkboard level height adjusts from 24″ to 48″.
  • Open Ladder Frames

    Open ladder frames combine the features of step frames and open end frames, providing you with greater options in tricky situations. With a ladder-like structure on one side and a walk-through opening on the other, you’re able to climb up the side of the scaffolding and walk the entire length. The built-in ladder can also be used for material shelving.
    • Shown with C-Lock
    • Can be ordered with inserts attached
  • Double Step Frames

    Double step frames provide all the benefits of step frames, but with an extra set of rungs for greater versatility. Constructed and finished to withstand harsh elements, you’ll have multiple ways to climb up the side of your scaffolding — and different configurations for an on-the-fly workplank.
    • Shown with C-Lock
    • Can be ordered with inserts attached
  • Knock-Down Frame

    When you need a modular solution for a complicated project, our scaffolding knock-down frame fits the bill. Their slim design can fit through spaces as small as 13” wide, giving you an easy way to get scaffolding into restricted openings that would otherwise prove challenging.
    • Knock-down frames fit through a 13″ diameter opening.
    • Available with: J-Lock, C-Lock, and T-Lock
    • Frame Sides and Extenders sold separately.
  • Canopy Top – Weather Protection

    Weather is always a factor when working on an outdoor scaffolding system. The Bil-Jax Canopy Top attaches to the top of a scaffold setup to provide protection from the elements. It fits atop any 5’ frame and can be adjusted up to 10’. Brackets to hold 2x4 wood are welded to the outside leg; sturdy PVC Weather Protection Clips can be used for additional protection.
    The Canopy Top is used along the top of a scaffold set-up to hold weather protection material in place. It fits on top of any 5' frame. Brackets to hold 2 x 4 wood have been welded to the outside leg. Weather Protection Clips can also be used. Clips are made of sturdy PVC plastic and snap firmly into place to hold plastic weather material to scaffold.
  • Original Multipurpose

    You can’t beat the classics, and our Original Multipurpose Baker Scaffold is a go-to for many projects. Mobile and versatile, it’s narrow enough to fit through doorways and adjustable up to 17’, enabling you to reach even the highest spaces. Removable casters give you the confidence to perform work on stairs or other uneven surfaces.
    • Mobile scaffolding unit
    • Fits through doorways
  • Rolling Tower Package

    Our Rolling Tower Package gives you a sturdy rolling tower manufactured from high-strength steel tubing with coped and arc welded perimeter joints on all frames. You’ll have a large work platform with adjustable platform levels and an easy access guard rail system to ensure safety. Towers are easy and quick to assemble and available in three sizes.
    Bil-Jax Rolling Tower Packages are manufactured from high strength steel tubing with coped and arc welded perimeter joints on all frames. The rolling towers offer a large work platform with adjustable platform levels and an easy access guard rail system. Standard 7 tube size. All standard components are quick and easy to assemble.
    • Tips on Scaffold Safety / Safety Rule
    • OSHA Safety and Health Regulations for Construction
    • Recommended Scaffold Erection Procedures
    • Caution Envelope with Wire
    • Scaffold Safety Packet (includes: LL-204-01, LL-204-02, LL-204-03, LL-204-04, LL-204-11)
    • Instructions for Erecting Rolling Towers
    • Commitment to Safety Package (includes: 1 scaffold safety video, 20 frame decals, 25 LL-204-05 scaffold safety packets, 1 laminated certificate)
    • Scaffold Check Guide Cards
    • Panel Guard Warning Decal
    • Caster Decal
    • Leveling Caster/Leveling Jack Extension Decal
    • Scaffold Frame Warning Decal
    • Personnel Bracket Warning Decal
    • Guard Railing Decal
    • Walkboard/Catwalk Warning Decal (Tuf-N-Lite)
    • Hoist Arm Warning Decal
    • Expanded Metal Walkboard/Catwalk Decal
  • Climbing Ladder

    Climbing ladders attach to the outside of scaffolding frames and offer 12” step spacing for scaffold access. Durable and versatile, they can be used with conventional guard railing, Panel Guard, or Easi-Guard.
    • Climbing ladders offer 12" step spacing for scaffold access
    • Easily attaches to the outside of frames
    • Can be used with conventional guard railing, Panel Guard, or Easi-Guard
  • Access Ladder System

    Construction sites utilizing multiple-level scaffolds are best served by an access ladder system. Made of lightweight steel and compatible with both rolling and stationary towers, the Bil-Jax access ladder system gives workers access to platforms inside the scaffolding unit.
    • Allows worker access to platform inside of the scaffold unit
    • Can be used on rolling or stationary towers
    • Lightweight steel construction
    • Ladder hooks to frame horizontal - rests on a walk-board
    • Top hinge platform offered, allowing worker to have access through platform by hinging it out of the way. Platform hinges back into position to offer a full working deck
  • Inserts are available in three diameters as illustrated in the product images. All inserts are size coded on the collar as either 5, 6 or 7. Inserts are not included with frames - they must be ordered as separate items.
  • TUF-N-LITE Hinged Ladder Board

    The Bil-Jax TUF-N-LiteHinged Ladder Board combines our popular aluminum and plywood walkboard with a hinged hatch that provides internal access. You get the benefits of heavy duty “I” beam side rails and 4 Bolt hooks plus the ability to complete work in tricky-to-reach areas.
    • The Tuf-N-Lite Walkboard with an access hatch
    • Hinged hatch allows for internal access
    • Factory installed insert attachments
    • A charge per frame to have these installed
    • 2 attachments required per frame
  • Arm Braces

    When you need to access scaffolding from the braced side, an arm brace provides you with easy reach. Ours are built with high quality components that conform to the most rigid tolerance tests in the industry, exceeding OSHA regulations for strength and durability.
    • Braces available in “hole end”, “notch end”, or “trussed” types
    • End type to coordinate with your lock type
  • Fastening pins secure the insert to the frame. Note: The Rivet and Cotter Pin, Drive Pin and Spring Rivet are used for loss prevention only. Use Gravity Pig Tail, Hinge Pin and Snap Pin to prevent uplifting.
  • Side Brackets

    Side brackets attach to the side of scaffolding parallel to the cross braces. They provide additional work space, extending the platform closer to the building or wall. Bil-Jax side brackets are adjustable and will support up to 500 lbs. They are available in tube and plate end configurations.
    Side Brackets or Saddle Hangers are built for Bil-Jax Scaffold Systems. Adjustable options as well as Tube or Plate end options are available. Standard tube size is 7. Made in the USA. Capacity 500 lb. All brackets should be pinned properly in place.
  • End Brackets

    End brackets attach to the end of scaffolding so platforms can be run parallel to the frames, adding work space. They are easy to set up and take down and add adjustable work height.
    • Adds adjustable work height
    • Easy to set up and take down
    • Add additional work space
  • Cat-A-Corner Braces

    Bil-Jax cat-a-corner braces are the perfect solution for scaffolding towers that require extra stability and need to be squared at the base. Single rods of high-quality steel that connect diagonally at the base to strengthen scaffolding, cat-a-corner braces allow for a safe and secure workspace. They are best used in conjunction with lateral braces, which connect perpendicularly.
    • Needed every 20’ in height
  • Lateral Braces

    When used with cat-a-corner braces, which are connected diagonally, lateral scaffolding braces provide extra support for scaffolding units or towers. These single rods of steel connect perpendicularly at the base to strengthen and keep scaffolding squared.
    • Needed every 20’ in height
    • Used with side brackets as a guard rail
  • Hoist Arm and Well Wheel

    Space and movement are limited when working atop scaffolding. Hoisting tools and equipment to workers is easy with a Bil-Jax swivel head hoist arm and well wheel. You’re able to lift up to a 100 lb. load when using a well wheel and rope.
    • Used to hoist tools up to workers
  • Putlogs

    Putlogs are crossbars that can be used to secure scaffolding directly to a wall in light duty applications. They span a larger area and are a low-cost alternative for larger platforms or bridging obstructions. We offer standard and trussed putlogs for different applications.
    • Only to be used for light duty applications
    • Spans over a larger area
    • Putlogs are used as a low cost alternative for larger platforms or bridging obstructions
  • Leveling Jacks

    Made from cold-rolled steel with plated roll formed threads for durability and long life, Bil-Jax adjustable leveling jacks provide a solid foundation for your scaffolding frame — especially when it’s assembled alongside an external wall. Each can be set to custom heights.
    Adjustable Leveling Jack is ideal for ensuring a solid foundation for a scaffolding frame, especially when it is assembled along an external wall.
  • Base Plates/Rubber Pad

    Base plates serve as the “feet” to scaffolding units, preventing slipping or sinking. Available in both rigid and swivel configurations, they include a rubber pad to prevent marring of high-end finished floors.
    • The “feet” to scaffolding units • Comes in both rigid and swivel configurations
    • Rubber pad used to prevent maring of high end finished floors (hardwood, marble, etc.)
  • Scaffold Guard Rails

    OSHA requires scaffold guard rails and toeboards on scaffolds less than 45” in width when platform heights exceed 4’. On scaffolds 60” wide or greater, guard rails must be used when platform height exceeds 10’. Our guard rails are manufactured from galvanized tubing that attaches to scaffolding for safety and are compatible with B, F, or U Lock Guard Rail Posts.
    • Galvanized tubing that attaches to scaffolding for safety
    • Use with B, F, or U Lock Guard Rail Posts
  • Steel Toeboards

    Toeboards function as protective barriers that prevent tools and other objects from falling from a scaffolding deck onto a person below, and must be used with guard rails systems per OSHA. Bil-Jax toeboards are made of high quality steel for maximum protection.
    • Provides safety to the scaffolding platforms
    • Must be used on all scaffolds in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations
  • Putlog Accessories

    Mounting putlogs can be tricky. We offer a variety of accessories including angle hangers, saddles, spreaders, and a putlog support with clamps to accommodate various weights.