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  • Outriggers

    Outriggers are triangular brackets that attach to the bottom of a scaffold tower to increase the base width and improve stability. Ours can be used with casters or leveling jacks, giving you options for different working environments.
  • Panel Guard System

    The Bil-Jax Panel Guard System is a complete safety solution that includes a top rail, mid-rail, and toeboard. It’s easy and quick to install. Hinge pins are recommended to prevent wind uplift and keep the system in place.
  • Easi-Guard Panel System

    Scaffolding panels provide extra safety when working on scaffold platforms. Our Easi-Guard Panel System assembles quickly and easily and features end panels with a steel tubular top rail and chained mid-rail for easy entry. The end panels include an adjustable 6” steel toeboard for flexibility.
  • Swing Gates

    Swing gates are another component exclusive to Open End Frames. They allow workers to move between scaffold sections while providing a guard rail for safety. Ours are available in fixed and adjustable sizes.
  • Steel Toeboards

    Toeboards function as protective barriers that prevent tools and other objects from falling from a scaffolding deck onto a person below, and must be used with guard rails systems per OSHA. Bil-Jax toeboards are made of high quality steel for maximum protection.
  • Intermediate Guard Rails

    With a walk-through opening, Open End Frames require special guard rails to ensure safety. Bil-Jax intermediate guard rails are designed for use on Open End Frames. Optional side and end panels are available if needed.
  • Scaffold Guard Rails

    OSHA requires scaffold guard rails and toeboards on scaffolds less than 45” in width when platform heights exceed 4’. On scaffolds 60” wide or greater, guard rails must be used when platform height exceeds 10’. Our guard rails are manufactured from galvanized tubing that attaches to scaffolding for safety and are compatible with B, F, or U Lock Guard Rail Posts.
  • Guard Rail Posts

    Guard rail posts are essential in securing guard rails, required to prevent falls on scaffolding that exceeds OSHA height restrictions. Bil-Jax guard rail posts are designed for conventional guard rail systems and must be used with toeboards to be in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.