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Event Staging

Let us help you create successful events, starting with the stage. Bil-Jax offers portable outdoor stage rentals. We offer various types of staging and platform rentals including AS2100 Aluminum Stage, ST8100 Steel Multi-Stage, staging ramps and event stairs.

  • Build-Up Frames

    If your event requires large-scale tiered seating, build-up frames help ensure your audience has a clear line of sight. You can combine 4’ high build-up frames with standard 1 ½” legs to reach stage heights of 8’ or stack two frames together for higher applications. Coupling inserts ensure quick, secure stacking.
    These frames are ideal for large scale tiered seating for the ST8100 Steel Multi-Stage.
  • The Ultra Stair was designed to be compatible with both the AS2100 and the ST8100. It is available in multiple variations for platform heights from 12" to 70". The unit decreases set up time and labor. The Ultra Stair is designed with detachable handrails allowing the unit to fold flat for storage and ease of shipment. The stairs can be attached to any section of the AS2100 or ST8100 deck, regardless of size or dimension. They can also be attached to 45° decks to create a unique setup. The Ultra Stairs attach to the AS2100 series with an easy to install adaptor bracket.
  • The 2 step and 3 step fixed stair units are both quick and easy to use. Units come with non-marring rubber footpads.
  • The access ramp can be created to be ADA compliant with the addition of four more components. ADA Components
    • Lower hand rail kit (LH & RH)
    • 4' hand rails
    • Upper hand rail kit (LH & RH)
    • Filler guard rails
  • The access ramp is free-standing and will work with both the Bil-Jax AS2100 Aluminum Staging System and the ST8100 Steel Staging System. It can be used with other staging systems and platforms. An adapter bracket is available if you want to connect directly to the AS2100 stage. Ramps are available with either horizontal or vertical guard rails. Ramps can be created to be ADA compliant with the addition of four more components.
  • Cart Packages

    Cart packages offer a convenient way to transport your aluminum stage. They are designed to fit through standard doorways up to 33” wide and include swivel and locking casters, as well as forklift pockets. Available in two sizes to accommodate both standard decks.
    Cart packages can fit through a standard doorway (up to 33”). Swivel and locking casters as well as fork lift pockets are included.
  • AS2100 Aluminum Stage Decks

    The AS2100 Staging System features two standard deck sizes (4’ x 4’ and 4’ x 8’), 45° corners, and rounded corner decks that can be used with either fixed or telescoping legs. They’re tough and versatile enough for use indoors or out.
    Standard deck sizes for the AS2100 include 4’ x 4’, 4’ x 8’, 45° corner, and rounded corner decks. The decks are designed for 1 3/4” fixed legs or telescopic legs. All leg styles attach to decks with the use of thumbscrew eliminating snap pins. All decking includes velcro for skirting.
  • ST8100 Multi-Stage

    Not all scaffolding involves towers and rigging. When organizing a social event, you might find yourself in need of a rugged, durable stage. The Bil-Jax ST8100 Multi-Stage is attractive and, most importantly, easy to assemble. It’s perfect for a variety of community events, from concerts to tent flooring.
    Designed to provide a stage unit that is extremely versatile and easy to assemble. Attractive yet rugged enough for various types of community and social activities, events and tent flooring.
  • Horizontal Quick Brace

    Our horizontal quick brace ensures a strong connection, enables faster setup, and easily adapts to low stage heights. Installation is quick and easy.
    • Easily adapt to low stage heights
    • Faster set up
  • Legs, Sleeves, and Base Pads

    Legs, sleeves, and base pads provide stable support for the ST8100 multi-stage. Galvanized steel square-tube legs are available in a variety of standard sizes and can be custom cut to fit your specific needs. A non-marring rubber base pad will prevent slippage and keep floors scuff-free.
    Galvanized steel square tubed 1-1/2” legs are perforated for 1” adjustment and are available in standard lengths of 12”, 24”, 30”, 36” and 48”. Legs lengths can also be custom cut to fit specific requirements. A rubber base pad provides a solid, non-marring leg base.
  • ST8100 Bracing

    Multi-stage bracing ensures a rigid connection, allows for faster setup, and easily adapts to low stage heights. Installation is quick and easy. You’ll have several options to choose from including galvanized cross bracing, horizontal bracing, and quick bracing.
    • Easily adapt to low stage heights
    • Faster set up
  • Guard panels have been designed for quick assembly to increase productivity during installation and disassembly. Unique clamps snap into the side channel of the decks and release by depressing a plunger.