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Event Bil-Jax®, your sole event staging and seating provider. The real work for your event starts with us. Whether indoor or outdoor, on a flat surface or a rocky terrain, our event staging, seating, and tent flooring provide the foundation for it all.
  • Part #:
    • Stage racks
    • Table racks
    • Casters for racks
  • Part #:
    Add a touch of twinkle and make your space feel even more magical with our Café Light Posts. Use them to hang up your favorite string of lights for a look that’s sure to make your event shine.
  • Part #:
    • Self supporting fence sections with removable feet
    • 8' long x 44" high sections constructed of high strength steel
    • Hot dipped galvanize finish for extreme durability
  • Part #:
    These frames are ideal for large scale tiered seating for the ST8100 Steel Multi-Stage.
  • Part #:
    The Ultra-Stair was designed to be compatible with both the AS2100 and the ST8100. It is available in multiple variations for platform heights from 12" to 70". The unit decreases set up time and labor. The Ultra-Stair is designed with detachable handrails allowing the unit to fold flat for storage and ease of shipment. The stairs can be attached to any section of the AS2100 or ST8100 deck, regardless of size or dimension. They can also be attached to 45° decks to create a unique setup. The Ultra-Stairs attach to the AS2100 series with an easy to install adaptor bracket.
  • Part #:
    The 2 step and 3 step fixed stair units are both quick and easy to use. Units come with non-marring rubber footpads.
  • Part #:
    Benches, flooring, guard rail system, and a frame and brace understructure. Available in depths from 7 to 21 rows, the system can accommodate all events with seating requirements from 70 seats to 60,000 seats or more. For more than 21 rows, contact the factory.  
  • Part #:
    Generally the two systems of a bleacher setup are Elevated and the other Non-Elevated. The Elevated bleacher features a front walkway that can be 2ft or 3ft or 4 ft elevated from the ground. The front walkway frames are 6ft long and must use this frame to make the walkway in front of the bleacher.
  • Part #:
    TF2100 is an engineered tent floor system is designed to integrate with clear span tent structures. This system coincides with various tent manufacturers.
    • Reliably produced seamless, wall-to-floor waterproofing
    • Easily tackle the most difficult, multi-terrain challenges
  • Part #:
    Portable system provides the comfort of permanent seats with full backrests.
    • 9 basic components can be combined to create full row seating with side aisles, center aisle seating, seating with entertainment skyboxes, or floor seating. This is a very flexible design.
    • The seating structure is constructed from the highest quality materials; and then hot dipped galvanized to provide superior corrosion resistance.
    • Corner components, all styles of access, even palletized storage systems are available to reduce storage and transportation costs.
    • Flooring and aisle materials are designed to last a minimum of 10 years under normal use.
  • Part #:
    The access ramp can be created to be ADA compliant with the addition of four more components. ADA Components
    • Lower hand rail kit (LH & RH)
    • 4' hand rails
    • Upper hand rail kit (LH & RH)
    • Filler guard rails
  • Part #:
    The access ramp is free-standing and will work with both the Bil-Jax AS2100 Aluminum Staging System and the ST8100 Steel Staging System. It can be used with other staging systems and platforms. An adapter bracket is available if you want to connect directly to the AS2100 stage. Ramps are available with either horizontal or vertical guard rails. Ramps can be created to be ADA compliant with the addition of four more components.